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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The complete Patton Oswalt

I had planned on making this post my top 25 albums of 2006. I even went as far as to upload a few of them and start writing reviews. However, as happens every year, I read a ton of other "Best of 2006" lists and find a ton of albums that sound like they might make my list, were I to hear them. I don't want to miss out on what could potentially be some great albums, so I always postpone my list until I forget about it and it never gets done. That, and I hadn't even listened to a bunch of stuff I got at the beginning of last year. So, while I take some time and try to cram in another 20 albums or so, I figured I would upload something to keep the eight people who come here busy until I finally get around to my best of 2006 post. Anyway...

I rediscovered my love for Patton Oswalt last night when some friends and I listened to his 222 album in its entirety while driving aimlessly around. I've heard that album at least 20 times, and there are still parts of it that make me laugh uncontrollably. If I had to pick the best working stand-up comedian around today, it'd be a toss-up between Patton and Doug Stanhope. The sheer absurdity of some of his bits, the weird voices and sounds he makes for no apparent reason apart from drunkennes, and the obscure, nerdy pop-culture references make for hilarious times. And if you like quoting stand up bits amongst your friends (and really, who doesn't?), Patton is definitely your guy. Play him for your friends who think Dane Cook is the best comedian ever. If they get it, they're in. If they don't... probably stop hanging out with them. This download got pretty huge, so it's broken into two parts.

Part One Includes:
222 (2-disc album)
Bumbershoot 2002 (Bootleg)
Bumbershoot 2003 (Bootleg)
Comedians of Comedy 3" Tour CD
Concert For Kerry (Bootleg - Missing a track)
Feelin' Kinda Patton (Same set as 222, only edited down to fit on one disc and split into tracks)
Live at the Punchline (Bootleg)
Live in Minneapolis (Bootleg)
Needs Work (Bootleg...?)
Patton vs. Zach vs. Alcohol vs. Patton (EP with Zach Galifianakis)
The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company (That CD I uploaded before, with Eugene Mirman, Maria Bamford, and Brian Posehn on the Comedians of Comedy tour)

Part Two Includes:
Chunklet Split (Split EP with The Melvins)
Comedy Central Presents (Audio rip of Patton's CCP Special. Missing some material. I'll fix it once I find my copy of the video)
Live at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ (Bootleg, opening at a Chanukah show for Yo La Tengo)
Live in Atlanta 2002 (Bootleg)
Un-Cabaret (A track Patton did for a comedy compilation)

BONUS! Here is a rip of Patton's DVD, "No Reason to Complain". And you shouldn't have any reason to complain, since it's on some open directory and not Megaupload! Yay for bad puns!

MORE BONUS! Here are four Loveline shows Patton Oswalt did, two of which are with Brian Posehn.

As far as I know, any of the incomplete bootlegs (Concert for Kerry, Live in Minneapolis, etc.) can only be found in the form I uploaded them. If anyone knows different or has any of the missing tracks, let me know. One of these days I will maybe rip the missing track off the Comedy Central Presents special and upload a video of it as well. Or maybe not. This is all of the Patton Oswalt material I've been able to find, but as always, if anyone has anything else, it'd be sweet if you would send it my way.

Finally, please, please, please leave some comments. I know people come here because I get e-mails on a somewhat regular basis. However, if it weren't for those e-mails, I would just assume that it was only my friends who came here. So please, if you appreciate this blog or like an album I upload, all I ask is that you leave a comment. It's a pretty easy price to pay for free music, and you wouldn't believe how encouraging it is just to know that people actually come here and get some enjoyment out of the music and comedy I post. I mean, that's why I'm doing this: to spread the joy and happiness that these albums bring me. So please, leave a comment.



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