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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nurse With Wound - Livin' Fear of James Last or... Joy in the House of Dada!!!! a Nurse With Wound variety pack

Nurse With Wound is one of the most prolific musical groups ever, though to call them a "musical group" is probably misleading for two reasons:
1. Apart from their first three releases, NWW has been one man, Stephen Stapleton, along with a small collective of people he frequently collaborates with, and
2. Quite often you'd be hard pressed to call what Stapleton does "music", at least in the common sense of the word.

Stapleton is more prone to rampant sonic experimentalism than actual music. Contained on this album alone is everything from typical rock instruments randomly being "played" and then chopped up and processed like crazy ("The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal") to extreme industrial music ("Cold") to Brian Eno-esque ambient music ("Sea Armchair") to an almost normal rock song ("Two Shaves and A Shine" with David Tibet of Current 93 on vocals). Every song presents a different facet of Nurse With Wound, whether dark, scary, comedic, upbeat, relaxing, and pretty much everything in between.

While cramming 27 years and 100+ albums into two and a half hours may seem impossible, this two disc set, compiled, mixed, sequenced, and edited by Stapleton himself, does an honorable job. It may trip up a little in including multiple tracks off a couple albums when there were over a hundred albums to choose from, but the tracks are all so different that had the back of the CD case not listed what album each song was off of, I never would have guessed that some of the tracks were off the same album.

Expect more NWW albums in the future, as I'm only a handful of albums away from having their entire catalogue.

Disc: 1
1. Six Buttons of Sex Appeal [Edit]
2. Dirty Fingernails [Edit]
3. Stick That Chick and Feel My Steel Through Your Last Meal
4. Subterranean Zappa Blues
5. Ag Canadh Thuas Sa Spèir
6. Die, Flip or Go to India
7. Cold [Edit]
8. Strange Play of the Mouth [Edit]
9. Swansong [Edit]
Disc: 2
1. Optical Illusion Pad
2. Sea Armchair
3. Piece of the Sky Is Missing
4. Home Is Where the Heart Is/Monument for Perez Prado
5. Intravenous [Edit]
6. New Dress
7. Yagga Blues
8. Two Shaves and a Shine [Edit]
9. Rock 'N Roll Station [Edit]
10. I Was No Longer His Dominant [Remix]

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