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Friday, February 16, 2007

Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

The new Modest Mouse album leaked. I've got it on in the background right now, and I'm on track 10. I don't think it sounds very good, but I'll have to give it a proper listen or two at work tomorrow before I really start to make a decision. Either way, here it is. If it sucks, you can thank me for saving you $15.

EDIT: The track tags are reversed. Track 1 is tagged as 14, Track 2 as 13, and so on. I downloaded it in a torrent as a zip file, and just started upping the same zip file before I got it into iTunes. I figured a couple people might be as anal retentive about that kind of stuff as I am, and thought I would make a note of it here. Also, I'm coming around on the album. I don't know where I'd rank it amongst Modest Mouse's other albums, but I definitely enjoyed listening to it today.

1. March Into the Sea
2. Dashboard
3. Fire It Up
4. Florida
5. Parting of the Sensory
6. Missed the Boat
7. We've Got Everything
8. Fly Trapped in a Jar
9. Education
10. Little Motel
11. Steam Engenius
12. Spitting Venom
13. People as Places as People
14. Invisible

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