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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sage Francis - A Healthy Distrust

A phenomenal hip-hop album from one of the best rappers in the business today. Sage is intelligent, agressive, humorous, introspective, and politically-minded. His music is grounded in the classic hip-hop he grew up listening to, and though he wears his influences on his sleeve, he manages to push the boundaries of modern hip-hop. He's won numerous rap battles and is an accomplished spoken word artist. Attacking everything from the government to love to the current rap scene with wit and insight, Sage may not always be upbeat and optimistic, but his music remains smart and catchy as hell.

1. The Buzz Kill
2. Sea Lion
3. Gunz Yo
4. Escape Artist
5. Product Placement
6. Voice Mail Bomb Threat
7. Dance Monkey
8. Sun Vs Moon
9. Agony in Her Body
10. Crumble
11. Ground Control
12. Lie Detector Test
13. Bridle
14. Slow Down Gandhi
15. Jah Didn't Kill Johnny



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