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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sage Francis - Human the Death Dance

Holy cow, another leak! I am awesome! I haven't listened to this one yet either. Maybe I'll post something tonight or tomorrow after I listen to it at work. Maybe not. You should all preorder this one, though. You get a bunch of nifty stuff if you do. For anyone who is into this type of stuff, there are some good producers on this album. Ant, Reanimator, Buck 65, Alias, and Odd Nosdam all have tracks on here. No Dangermouse on this one though. Oh well.

1. Growing Pains Intro
2. Underground For Dummies
3. Civil Obedience
4. Good Fashion
5. Got Up This Morning
6. Black Out On White Night
7. Clickety Clack
8. Midgets And Giants
9. Broccilude
10. High Step
11. Keep Moving
12. Water Line
13. Hell Of A Year
14. Call Me Francois
15. Hoofprints In The Sand
16. Going Back To Rehab



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