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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy the Man - Happy the Man

This is the debut album from Happy the Man released in 1977. It is a great progressive rock album with a kick of jazz fusion. It is mostly instrumental, but the couple songs with vocals are performed well. It has some cool complex time signatures and tons of intricate instrumentation which leads to a nice and layered sound. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Happy the Man - Happy the Man

1. Starborne (4:22)
2. Stumpy Meets the Firecracker in Stencil Forest (4:16)
3. Upon the Rainbow (Befrost) (4:42)
4. Mr. Mirror's Reflection on Dreams (8:54)
5. Carousel (4:06)
6. Knee Bitten Nymphs in Limbo (5:22)
7. On Time as a Helix of Precious Laughs (5:22)
8. Hidden Moods (3:41)
9. New York Dream Suite (8:32)


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