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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Evanescence - In the Darkness of the Storm

This is an unofficial compilation I put together yesterday. It contains all of the official Evanescence material that is out of print (or in the case of the singles, hard to find for cheap here in the US). It doesn't include any live bootlegs, songs by other bands that Amy Lee has done guest vocals on, or anything from their three main releases (Fallen, Anywhere But Home, and The Open Door). For anyone who cares about this sort of thing, note that because of the way I made these CDs, all of the files are at 192kbps quality - however, some of the songs can only be found online in 128. So if you find a song in this compilation that you've only found in something under 192 online, it's probably safe to assume that it really is at a slightly lower bitrate, and just reads 192. I might make artwork for this at some point - it depends on how lazy I am now that college is starting up again tomorrow. If anyone else wants to make artwork and send it my way, feel free. Please give this to anyone you know who would be interested in it - the band wants their old material given out for free, instead of getting sold for hundreds of dollars on ebay. Finally, all the tracks are tagged with information about where the songs originated, in case you're interested in that sort of stuff.

Disc 1
Evanescence EP
1. Where Will You Go (EP Version)
2. Solitude
3. Imaginary (EP Version)
4. Exodus
5. So Close
6. Understanding (EP Version)
7. The End
Evanescence EP Outtakes
8. My Immortal (First Version/Piano-Vocal)
9. Give Unto Me
10. October
Sound Asleep/Whisper EP
11. Give Unto Me (Sound Asleep Version)
12. Whisper (Sound Asleep Version)
13. Understanding (Sound Asleep Version)
14. Forgive Me
15. Understanding (EP Version)
16. Ascension of the Spirit

Disc 2
Origin LP
1. Hidden Track
2. Origin (Intro)
3. Whisper (Origin Version)
4. Imaginary (Origin Version)
5. My Immortal (Origin Version)
6. Where Will You Go (Origin Version)
7. Field of Innocence
8. Even in Death
9. Anywhere
10. Lies
11. Away From Me
12. Eternal
Origin Outtakes
13. Listen to the Rain
14. Demise
Mystary EP
15. My Last Breath (Mystary Version)
16. My Immortal (Mystary Version)
17. Farther Away (Mystary Version)
18. Everybody's Fool (Mystary Version)
19. Imaginary (Mystary Version)

Disc 3
Bring Me to Life Single
1. Bring Me to Life (Bliss Mix)
2. Farther Away (Album Version)
3. Missing (Album Version)
Going Under Single
4. Going Under (Live Acoustic)
5. Heart Shaped Box (Live Acoustic Nirvana Cover)
My Immortal Single
6. My Immortal (Band Version)
7. Haunted (Live @ AOL Sessions)
8. My Immortal (Live in Cologne)
Everybody's Fool Single
9. Taking Over Me (Live in Cologne)
10. Whisper (Live in Cologne)
11. Everybody's Fool (Instrumental)
Call Me When You're Sober Single
12. Call Me When You're Sober (Acoustic Version)
Lithium Single
13. The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
14. All That I'm Waiting For (Live Acoustic)
Sweet Sacrifice Single
15. Weight of the World (Live in Tokyo)
16. Sweet Sacrifice (Radio Version)

Disc 4
2001-2002 Demos
1. Anything for You
2. Before the Dawn
3. Breathe No More
4. Breathe No More (Final Version)
5. Bring Me to Life v.1
6. Bring Me to Life v.2
7. Everybody's Fool v.1
8. Everybody's Fool v.2
9. Farther Away
10. Forever Gone, Forever You
11. Going Under
12. Haunted v.1
13. Haunted v.2
14. Hello

Disc 5
2001-2002 Demos
1. Imaginary v.1
2. Imaginary v.2
3. Lies (Remix)
4. Missing
5. My Last Breath
6. Surrender
7. Taking Over Me v.1
8. Taking Over Me v.2
9. Tourniquet v.1
10. Tourniquet v.2
11. Tourniquet v.3
12. Untitled (Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming))
13. Whisper
Misc. Other Tracks
14. Understanding (Acoustic)
15. You
16. Goodnight


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