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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Super Comedy Sunday: Part 3: In 3-D!

Yup. 15 more comedy albums. I think I've only got 2, maybe 3 of these left, unless I start posting multiple albums by a single comedian in each one. Even then, I'm running out of good comedy albums. This post won't have fancy album covers or track lists like my posts usually do, as I'm currently reading the seventh Harry Potter book. So, here you are! Once again, everything but Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, and Mike Birbiglia is vulgar/offensive.

Bill Hicks - Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1: Pittsburgh, PA 6/20/91

Bobcat Goldthwait - I Don't Mean to Insult You, But You Look Like Bobcat Goldthwait

Brian Regan - Standing Up (audio rip)

Dave Attell - Skanks for the Memories

Doug Stanhope - Sicko

Harland Williams - Crowd Control Vol. 2

Henry Rollins - Talk is Cheap, Vol. 3
Disc 1
Disc 2

Jim Gaffigan - Beyond the Pale

Lewis Black - Rules of Enragement

Louis CK - Live on HBO: Shameless (audio rip)

Mike Birbiglia - Dog Years

Mitch Fatel - Miniskirts and Muffins

Mitch Hedberg - Mitch All Together

Norm MacDonalod - Ridiculous

Todd Barry - Falling Off the Bone


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