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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters

It's always sad to see great bands dissolve after releasing one or just a few albums. Such is the case with Ved Buens Ende, a Norwegian metal band who incorporated a large variety of musical styles into their own unique avant-garde style. This is the only full length album they released. Upon listening to it, you will hear jazz, acoustic interludes, black metal, and doom metal influences throughout. For fans of avant-garde music or bands who don't know their own genre, Notes Are Shattered brings you Ved Buens Ende's Written in Waters.

Part One
Part Two
Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters
1. "I Sang for the Swans" – 7:01
2. "You, That May Wither" – 4:54
3. "It's Magic" – 5:25
4. "Den Saakaldte" ("The So-called") – 8:49
5. "Carrier of Wounds" – 7:40
6. "Coiled in Wings" – 7:04
7. "Autumn Leaves" – 5:07
8. "Remembrance of Things Past" – 8:54
9. "To Swarm Deserted Away" – 2:14
Part One
Part Two

Mediafire only allows uploads up to 100MB, so from here on out, all albums greater than 100MB will be broken into multiple parts. You'll need each part to unzip the whole album, I believe, so remember to pick up all the parts of a split album.


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