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Sunday, June 10, 2007

¡Apeshit! - ¡Apeshit!

What a terrific band name, eh? ¡Apeshit! hails from the Brooklyn area, I believe. Not much is known about them, personally, since they are not even signed to anyone nor have they released an official album. But, I do have a "demo" that is fully mastered complete with artwork and song titles. I've got a number of these crazy CDs, of bands who aren't signed but somehow I've purchased their albums. Anyway, ¡Apeshit! is some sort fo crazy spazcore band. Most songs are under a minute, and all of them have ridiculous titles. Another website was saying they were screamo, but I think spazcore sounds more correct. With all that being said, I present ¡Apeshit!'s debut album (demo), ¡Apeshit!.

¡Apeshit! - ¡Apeshit!
1. Spleen Cuisine
2. How Now Brown Cow?
3. Thermos
4. Psychedelic Mushrooms Take Hold
5. D-4 Daggers In The Air
6. Days Of Olde
7. Touch Me Gently
8. All Night Garage Sale
9. Scabs & Scars
10. Cardboard Coffins
11. Thrash Bash Monster Mash
12. Cheeseburger In Paradise
13. Your Chewbacca Boots Are Making Me Thirsty



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