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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas

Best. Christmas album. Ever. Here are all five discs of Sufjan's new Christmas box set, plus an alternate version of "Put the Lights On the Tree" from the self-released version of Volume II. Enjoy. Also, I really encourage you to go out and pick this up if you like it. You can find it for $20 easily, and the packaging is really cool. You also get a bunch of extra goodies in the box.

Volume 1: Noel
1. Silent Night
2. O Come O Come Emmanuel
3. We're Goin' To the Country!
4. Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming
5. It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad!
6. Holy Holy, etc.
7. Amazing Grace

Volume 2: Hark!
1. Angels We Have Heard on High
2. Put the Lights on the Tree
3. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
4. I Saw Three Ships
5. Only at Christmas Time
6. Once in Royal David's City
7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
8. What Child Is This Anyway?
9. Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella

Volume 3: Ding! Dong!
1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
2. Come on! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!
3. We Three Kings
4. O Holy Night
5. That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!
6. Ding! Dong!
7. All the King's Horns
8. The Friendly Beasts

Volume 4: Joy
1. The Little Drummer Boy
2. Away In A Manger
3. Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time!
4. The First Noel
5. Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved It!)
6. The Incarnation
7. Joy To The World

Volume 5: Peace
1. Once in Royal David's City
2. Get Behind Me, Santa!
3. Jingle Bells
4. Christmas in July
5. Lo! How A Rose E'er Blooming
6. Jupiter Winter
7. Sister Winter
8. O Come O Come Emmanuel
9. Star of Wonder
10. Holy, Holy, Holy
11. The Winter Solstice

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Metal, Rock, and IDM Christmas albums

Here is a second zip file full of Christmas albums. There are four albums in here, three are rock/metal, and the fourth is weird electronic music and IDM.

A Brutal Christmas: Christmas Gone Metal! (Extreme/Black/Death Metal)
1. Angels We Have Heard on High - Archer
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Kekal
3. Mary Did You Know? - Royal Anguish
4. Coventry Carol (Lully Lullay) - Frank's Enemy
5. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence/O Come Emmanuel - Frost Like Ashes
6. The Little Drummer Boy - Tortured Conscience
7. O Come All Ye Faithful - Hearken
8. Child Messiah - Death Requisite
9. O Holy Night - EverSINcEve
10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlement (take 2) - Faithbomb
11. Joy to the World - Pure Defiance

Taste of Christmas (Rock/Emo/Punk/Hardcore)
1. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - Street Drum Corps
2. Miracle of Christmas - Funeral For A Friend
3. Jungle Bells - Skindred
4. Alone This Holiday - The Used
5. Last Christmas - Roses Are Red
6. Coventry Carol - The Smashup
7. Christmas Evel - Opiate for the Masses
8. We Three Kings - Amped
9. The Last Christmas - Emery
10. First Noel - My American Heart
11. We Might Be Alone Tonight - Like Yesterday
12. No Smiles On Christmas - Bleed the Dream
13. Blue And Gold - Versus The World
14. Christmas Song - Bedlight For Blue Eyes
15. Saint Nicholas - Gatsby's American Dream
16. Christmassacre - From First To Last
17. Homeless For Christmas - Black Halos
18. Season of A Lifetime - Plain White T's

X-Mas Project (Speed/Thrash Metal, featuring members of German metal bands Rage, Living Death, Steeler, Lions Breed, Mekong Delta, Holy Moses, and Fact)
1. Mary´s Little Boychild
2. Jingle Bells
3. Leise rieselt der Schnee
4. Winter Wonderland
5. Oh Tannenbaum
6. G.K.W.
7. Silent Night, Holy Night
8. White Christmas
9. Alle Jahre wieder

A Mutated Christmas (IDM/Avant-Eletronic)
1. Corporal Blossom - White Christmas
2. DJ Olive - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
3. Fognode - Carol Of The Bells
4. Corporal Blossom - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)
5. No-L - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
6. Corporal Blossom - Little Drummer Boy
7. Mom And Daddy - O Holy Night
8. Lustmord - Silent Night
9. Grassy Knoll - Silver Bells
10. Lovecraft Technologies - Frosty the Snowman
11. Steven - Let It Snow
12. DJ Kudzu - Do You Hear What I Hear
13. Corporal Blossom - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Download all four albums from MegaUpload

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Christmas Vols. 1-4

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means non-stop Christmas music is right around the corner. In the spirit of that, I'm going to post some Chritmas music. Here are all four volume of punk/ska/emo/indie rock label Tooth & Nail's Christmas compilations, featuring such bands as MxPx, Relient K, Emery, Switchfoot, the Supertones, Joy Electric, and more. Enjoy!

Volume 1
1. The O.C. Supertones - Joy To The World
2. Joy Electric - Winter Wonderland
3. Chasing Furies - O Come Emmanuel
4. Starflyer 59 - A Holiday Song
5. Five Iron Frenzy - You Gotta Get Up
6. Sarah Masen - Heaven's Got A Baby
7. Plankeye - Away In A Manger
8. Almonzo - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
9. Pep Squad - Feliz Navidad
10. Bon Voyage - Holly Jolly Christmas
11. Seven Day Jesus - O Holy Night
12. One Eighty - Mele Kalikimaka
13. Switchfoot - Evergreen
14. House of Wires - Do You Hear What I Hear?
15. Fold Zandura - Asia Minor
16. Huntingtons - It's Always Christmas At My House
17. The Dingees - We Three Kings
18. Puller - Saviour Of The Fools

Volume 2
1. MxPx - Christmas Day
2. Sixpence None The Richer - You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch
3. All Star United - I Wish It Would Be Christmas Everyday
4. Plankeye - Jesu Bambino (The Infant Child)
5. Hangnail - O Little Town Of Bethlehem
6. Joy Electric - Lollipop Parade (On Christmas Day)
7. Flight 180 - O Come All Ye Faithful
8. Starflyer 59 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
9. Viva Voce - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
10. The Normals - Peace Child (O Come Emmanuel)
11. Fanmail - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
12. Norway - White Christmas
13. Element - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
14. The Deluxtone Rockets - Santa Claus Is Back In Town
15. House Of Wires - Caroling, Caroling
16. Lost Dogs - The Chipmunk Song

Volume 3
1. The O.C. Supertones - Heaven's Got A Baby
2. Relient K - Santa Claus is Thumbing To Town
3. Cadet - The First Noel
4. Bleach - What We Call Christmas
5. Earthsuit - Wonderful Christmas Time
6. Kendall Payne - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
7. Hangnail - Do You Hear What I Hear?
8. Poor Old Lu - What Child Is This
9. Joy Electric - Mrs. Santa Claus
10. Denison Witmer - A Christmas Song
11. Ace Troubleshooter - Have It All
12. Starflyer 59 - I'll Be Home For Christmas
13. Aaron Sprinkle - A Christmas Song For All Year Round
14. Skyline Drive - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
15. Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes - I Hate Christmas Parties

Volume 4
1. Switchfoot - Evergreen
2. Emery - (Ho Ho Hey) A Way For Santa's Sleigh
3. Anberlin - Baby Please Come Home
4. Eisley - The Winter Song
5. Starflyer 59 - Christmas Time Is Here
6. Aaron Gillespie and Kenny Vasoli - Yule Be Sorry
7. Mae - Carol of the Bells
8. Copeland - Do You Hear What I Hear
9. Relient K - I Celebrate the Day
10. Hawk Nelson - Last Christmas
11. Spoken - Mary Did You Know
12. The Fold - O Holy Night
13. Number One Gun - Of Two Bearded Men
14. Davis, John - God is Real (Jesus is Alive)

Download all four volumes from MegaUpload

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Wii Day!

Happy Wii Day everyone! Don't expect a lot (or any, really) of updates anytime soon, for Wii has and will continue to destroy my life. And now, I am going to go to sleep at 3 PM, because I have been awake since about 9 or 9:30 yesterday. That's right, I have been awake for about 30 hours. It's great times.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

A sad day...

Yesterday, a very sad post was made on Wine, Women & Song. As of Saturday, it will be no more. I encourage you all to head on over there and download as much as you can. There are some real gems up there right now. I would highly recommend "Scars of the Midwest" by Blueneck. In honor of Wine, Women & Song, I will be posting some music similar to what was posted there. Make sure you leave a comment thanking Mr. A for all his hard work, even if this will be your first visit. His blog will be greatly missed.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The complete Buckethead - Part One: Solo Recordings

Here is the complete solo Buckethead discography, minus the extremely rare early Giant Robot demo tape (not Giant Robot NTT, but Buckethead's first solo release... check the Buckethead entry on Wikipedia if you are confused). In the coming days/weeks, I plan on uploading his entire discography, so if any of the 8 people who read this thing have any Death Cube K, Corn Bugs, El Stew, Praxis, Pieces, or Thanatopsis (apart from Anatomize) albums and would be willing to upload them, I would in turn upload any album (or albums, if you up more than one) you like. Any soundtracks he's done would be great as well. And now, here are the albums. Reviews/descriptions may or may not be coming shortly, when I don't have an essay and seven one page papers to write. Also, I noticed that I'm missing track 17 from the Bucketheadland Blueprints album. I'm not sure what the title of it is right now, but Decapitation should be track 18, and everything else after that is also one track higher, obviously. Go here to download track 17. There are a couple other Buckethead things for download in that directory as well, including the Giant Robot NTT album.

1991 - Bucketheadland Blueprints
1. Blueprints Theme
2. Giant Robot vs. Cleopat
3. Wonka in Slaughter Zone
4. Gorey Head Stump & Nosin'
5. Computer Master
6. Chicken for Lunch
7. Sterling Scapula
8. Seaside
9. Let's Go to Wally World
10. Robot Flight
11. Earthling Fools
12. Guts & Eyeballs
13. Haunted Farm
14. The Rack & Alice in Slaughterland
15. Skid's Looking Where
16. Buddy on a Slab & Funeral Time
17. Decapitation
18. Virtual Reality (Part 2)
19. Giant Robot Finale
20. Robotic Chickens
21. Park Theme (Intro)
22. Swamp Boy Square Dance
23. Pirate's Life for Me

1992 - Bucketheadland
Disc 1
1. Intro/Park Theme
2. Giant Robot Interlude
3. Giant Robot Theme
4. Enter Guillatine
5. Giant Robot Vs Guillatine
6. Bucketbots Jig
7. Enter Slipdisc
8. Bansheebot Vs Buckethead
9. Slaughterzone/The Haunted Farm
10. Hook & Pole Gang
11. Cattle Prod
12. Phantom Monk
13. The Rack
14. Nosin'
15. Gorey Head Stump
16. Sterling Scapula
17. Skid's Looking Where
18. Steel Wedge
19. Wonka In Slaughter Zone
20. Nosin' Part 2
21. Diabolic Minds
22. Alice In Slaughterland
23. Bleeding Walls
24. Buddy On A Slab
25. Buddy In The Graveyard
26. Oh Jeez...
27. Funeral Time
28. Computer Master
29. Virtual Reality
30. Home Run Derby Part 1
31. Home Run Derby Part 2
32. Home Run Derby Main Theme
33. I Love My Parents
Disc 2
1. Intro/Park Theme Extension
2. Gullatine Battle
3. Giant Robot Theme
4. Robot Dance
5. Virtual Reality
6. Banshee Bop
7. Baseball Buddy

1994 - Giant Robot
1. Doomride
2. Welcome To Bucketheadland
3. I Come In Peace
4. Buckethead's Toy Store
5. Want Some Slaw?
6. Warweb
7. Aquabot
8. Binge And Grab (Instrumental Version)
9. Pure Imagination
10. Buckethead's Chamber Of Horrors
11. Onions Unleashed
12. Chicken
13. I Love My Parents
14. Buckethead's TV Show
15. Robot Transmission
16. Pirate's Life For Me
17. Post Office Buddy
18. Star Wars
19. Last Train To Bucketheadland

1996 - Day of the Robot
1. Destroyer: Speed Flux Quadrant/Inclusion/Exhaust Release
2. Flying Guillotine
3. Quantum Crash
4. Collision
5. Caution Drop

1998 - Colma
1. Whitewash
2. For Mom
3. Ghost
4. Hills Of Eternity
5. Big Sur Moon
6. Machete
7. Wishing Well
8. Lone Sal Bug
9. Sanctum
10. Wondering
11. Watching The Boats With My Dad
12. Ghost/Part 2
13. Colma

1999 - Monsters and Robots
1. Jump Man
2. Stick Pit
3. The Ballad of Buckethead
4. Sow Thistle
5. Revenge of the Double-Man
6. Night of the Slunk
7. Who Me?
8. Jowls
9. The Shape vs. Buckethead
10. Stun Operator
11. Scapula
12. Nun Chuka Kata

2001 - KFC Skin Piles
1. A1
2. A2
3. A3
4. B1

2001 - Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse
1. Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse
2. Help Me
3. Pin Bones and Poultry
4. My Sheeetz
5. Day of the Ulcer
6. You Like Headcheese?
7. Burlap Curtain
8. You Like This Face?
9. Wires and Clips
10. Knockingun
11. Conveyor Belt Blues

2002 - Funnel Weaver
1. Blind Centipede
2. Kurtz Temple
3. Covert
4. Death Card
5. R.I.P.
6. Plans Within Plans
7. Eye in the Sky
8. Freezer Burns
9. Sky Drones
10. Operation Gateway
11. Bantam Rising
12. Combat Shadow
13. Azzim's Lectures
14. Channel of Secrets
15. Comet Shower
16. Worm Turns
17. Silhouettes Agianst the Sky
18. Sleeper Agents
19. Recreational Cryonics
20. Blind Sniper (Fred Rogers)
21. Atlantis Found
22. Spider's Web
23. Blue Crystal
24. Reaping the Whirlwind
25. Hills Have Eyes
26. Other Side of Midnight
27. Sea the Hollow Man
28. Unsound Methods
29. Hall of Records
30. Aluminum Clouds
31. Lost Threads
32. Killing Mask
33. Rattlesnake Hill
34. F-4 Phantom
35. Stub Pylons
36. Armour Piercing Projectile
37. Stolen Identities
38. Shriek of Revenge
39. 5-Card Trick
40. Caretaker of Memory
41. Kingdom of Nie
42. Kangaroo Kranes
43. High Seat With the Devil
44. Jessy
45. From the Foxholes
46. (F.L.I.P.)
47. Frozen Head
48. Who Is the Enemy
49. Nappler Radar

2002 - Bermuda Triangle
1. Intro
2. Davy Jones Locker
3. Flight 19
4. Mausoleum Door
5. Sea of Expanding Shapes
6. The Triangle, Pt. 1: Extrakd
7. Bionic Fog
8. Forbidden Zone
9. Telegraph Land of the Crispies
10. Pullin the Heavy
11. Phantom Lights
12. Jabbar on Alcatrazz Avenue
13. Beestro Fowler
14. Splintered Triplet
15. Whatevas
16. Sucked Under
17. Isle of Dead
18. The Triangle, Pt. 2
19. 911

2002 - Electric Tears
1. All in yhe Waiting
2. Sketches of Spain (for Miles)
3. Padmasana
4. Mustang
5. The Way to Heaven
6. Baptism of Solitude
7. Kansas Storm
8. Datura
9. Mantaray
10. Witches on the Heath
11. Angel Monster
12. Electric Tears
13. Spell of the Gypsies

2003 - Bucketheadland 2
1. Welcome
2. Slaughter Zone Entrance
3. The Cobra's Hood
4. Transportation Options
5. Machoto Mirago
6. Slaughter Buddies Outside The Revenge Wedge
7. We Cannot Guarantee Bodily Harm
8. john Merrick-Elephant Man Bones Explosion
9. Taxidermy Tots
10. Bloody Rainbow Spiralling Sherbert Scoop
11. Can You Get Past Albert?
12. Vladimir Pockets' Incredible Bloated Slunk Show
13. The Ballad Of The Inside-Out Face
14. The Battery Cage Brawls (Cage Announcer: The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln/Winner Has To Eat His Way Out)
15. Forris Wheel Apology
16. Can You Help Me?
17. Grimm's Sponsorship
18. Roalistic Coop Replica
19. Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
20. Rooster Landing (1st Movement)/Limo Timo (2nd Movement)
21. Two Pints
22. Health & Safety Advisory
23. Digger's Don
24. One-Way Ticket To Grab Bag Alley
25. Fun For You
26. Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker
27. Today's Schedule
28. The Corpse Plower
29. Unemployment Blues
30. Slaughter Zone Exit

2004 - Island of Lost Minds
1. Island of Lost Minds
2. Shock Therapy Side Show
3. Dream Darts
4. Vacuum Tube Planet
5. Scull Scrape
6. Ice Pick Through Eyes
7. Four Sided Triangle
8. Korova Binge Bar
9. Bruised Eye Sockets
10. Mud Of The Gutter
11. The Cuckoo Parade
12. Viravax
13. Lobotomizer

2004 - Population Override
1. Unrestrained Growth
2. Too Many Humans
3. Population Override
4. Humans Vanish
5. Cruel Reality of Nature
6. A Day Will Come
7. Earth Heals Herself
8. Clones
9. Super Human
10. ...

2004 - The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
1. Descent of the Damned
2. Spokes for the Wheel of Torment
3. Arc of the Pendulum
4. Fountains of the Forgotten
5. The Treeman
6. Pylegathon
7. Traveling Morgue
8. One Tooth of the Time Train
9. Bedlam's Bluff
10. Beaten with Sledges
11. Woods of Suicides
12. Yellowed Hide
13. Moths to Flame
14. The Ravines of Falsehood
15. The Black Forest
16. Haven of Black Tar Pitch
17. The Escape Wheel

2005 - Enter the Chicken
1. Intro
2. We Are One f. Serj Tankian
3. Botnus f. Efrem Schulz
4. Three Fingers f. Saul Williams
5. Running From the Light f. Ejigayehu "Gigi"Shibabaw and Maura Davis
6. Coma f. Azam Ali
7. Waiting Hare f. Shana Halligan and Serj Tankian
8. Interlude
9. Funbus f. Dirk Rogers and Deith Aazami
10. The Hand f. Maximum Bob and Ani Maldjian
11. Nottingham Lace

2005 - Kaleidoscalp
1. Frankenseuss Laboratories
2. Stunpike And the Jack In the Box Head
3. Musicbox Innards
4. Breakfast Cyborg
5. The Bronze Bat
6. The Last Ride of the Bozomobile
7. Rack Maintenance
8. The Sticker On Hallucinogens
9. Pylon Shift
10. Citadel
11. The Slunk, the Gutter and the Candlestick Maker
12. The Android of Notre Dame
13. She Sells Sea Shells By the Slaughterhouse

2005 - Inbred Mountain
1. In Search of Inbred Mountain – 3:26
2. Johnny Be Slunk – 8:42
3. Lotus Island – 6:33
4. Flock of Slunks – 4:30
5. Advance To the Summit – 6:03
6. Plastination Station – 5:47
7. Escape From Inbred Mountain – 8:21

2006 - The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
1. Thai Fighter Swarm
2. Final Wars
3. Baseball Furies
4. Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
5. Lurker At the Threshold Part 1 (Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft)
6. Lurker At the Threshold Part 2
7. Lurker At the Threshold Part 3
8. Lurker At the Threshold Part 4
9. Oakridge Cake (Tribute to Kool Keith)
10. Gigan
11. Droid Assembly
12. Bird With A Hole In the Stomach
13. Fizzy Lipton Drinks

2006 - Crime Slunk Scene
1. King James
2. Gory Head Stump 2006 the Pageant of the Slunks
3. The Fairy and the Devil
4. Buddy Berkman's Ballad
5. Mad Monster Party
6. Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)
7. Col. Austin vs. Col. Sanders aka Red Track Suit
8. We Can Rebuild Him
9. Electronic Slight of Hand
10. Mecha Gigan
11. Slunk Parade aka Freaks in the Black

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News and Plugs

I know it's been forever since I last updated this, but I promise there are big things in store, and they may come as early as tomorrow night... or tonight, I guess, since I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning. Until then, though, I thought I'd plug a couple of the links that sit over there in the sidebar and are probably ignored by most of the 8 people who come here.

A great netlabel with the majority of their albums for free download as well as the option to purchase the actual CDs. All the music is chiptune music, which means it's made using software that emulates the sound chips in old video game/computer technology (in some cases the actual hardware is used). The result is music that sounds like it came from some imaginary video game. Good stuff.

Though it has nothing at all to do with music, Abandonia definitely deserves a mention. It's a huge repository for old DOS games, all of which can be downloaded for free and played using a DOS emulator (also available on the site, with instructions on using it). There are new games added almost daily.

The Internet Archive
There is so much crap for download on here, I don't know where to begin. All I will say is, if you're into live bootlegs of bands, and you haven't been here... you should probably go.

Dark Winter
Great, great ambient/dark ambient/drone netlabel based right here in Minneapolis. All recordings are free and wonderful, and there are a couple other nifty things for download as well.

Infinite Prog
Dear, dear, dear friend Christopher's music blog, which has only had two posts since it's creation back in September. Somebody should punch him in the face and get him to post something new.

RegnYouth Archives
Wonderful, frequently updated, amazingly diverse music blog.

A huge website that has every form of avant-garde media imaginable, from films to music to books to poetry and anything inbetween. If you're into weird, fringe stuff at all, make sure to give this place a look. Heck, even if you're not, check it out, because you may find a thing or two that you like. A lot of the stuff for download is really rare, hard to find, and out of print. Oh, and it's all free.

Wine, Women and Song
I saved the best for last. This is my personal favorite music blog. It's mostly hard to find drone, doom/sludge/stoner metal, and post-rock, although there is the occasional weird folk album or something thrown in for good measure. There are also posts about crazy artists every once in a while too. I love this blog to death.

So there you have it. I've bought a lot of CDs in the last couple weeks, and downloaded a ton of music in the past couple months or year or something, and I'm finally getting around to listening to a lot of it, so expect a lot of different genres of music to be posted soon. Also, expect a couple discographies to be posted in the coming weeks. Big discographies.