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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic (Full Album)

What's this? Two updates within an hour of one another? You best believe it! I stumbled across Mike Doughty's (of Soul Coughing fame) solo release from last year, Haughty Melodic on All Imperfect Things as well. If you like Counting Crows or Dave Matthews Band, apparently you should check this out. I wouldn't know, since I've only heard a couple Counting Crows songs and I can't stand DMB. However, I love this album. Also note that this isn't a MegaUpload link, but an open directory on some random guy's website, which means no waiting around. Win!

1. Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well
2. Unsingable Name
3. Madeline And Nine
4. Busting Up A Starbucks
5. White Lexus
6. American Car
7. Tremendous Brunettes (feat. Dave Matthews)
8. I Hear The Bells
9. Sunken-Eyed Girl
10. Grey Ghost
11. His Truth Is Marching On
12. Your Misfortune


Sufjan Stevens Rarities

While looking for a tracklisting for the vinyl version of "Welcome to Michigan" so I could see what the bonus tracks were before I bought it, I stumbled across an amazing find. 20 vinyl-only/rare/unreleased Sufjan tracks! Woohoo! So here's the link:

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Orange Twin Field Works (Jeff Mangum) - Volume 1 (Full Album)

Here is a 33 minute sound collage of a Bulgarian folk music festival, put together and produced by none other than Neutral Milk Hotel's own Jeff Mangum. I'll be honest and say that I haven't listened to it yet since I just got it, but I know some people who wanted it, so I decided to be nice and not make them wait any longer. Here it be:

1. Untitled/Track 1/Whatever you'd like to call it... it is the entire album, after all

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Demon Hunter - Self-Titled and Summer of Darkness (Full Albums)

I uploaded these two albums for a friend, and then figured, what the crap, I'll throw them up here, too. I'm too lazy to write a review at the moment, so go look on Amazon or something. Click the album covers to download.

1. Screams Of The Undead
2. I Have Seen Where It Grows
3. Infected
4. My Throat Is An Open Grave
5. Through The Black
6. Turn Your Back And Run
7. And The Sky Went Red
8. As We Wept
9. A Broken Upper Hand
10. The Gauntlet

1. Not Ready To Die
2. The Awakening
3. Beheaded
4. My Heartstrings Come Undone
5. Our Faces Fall Apart
6. Less Than Nothing
7. Summer Of Darkness
8. Beauty Through The Eyes Of A Predator
9. Anihilate The Corrupt
10. I Play Dead
11. Everything Was White
12. Coffin Builder
13. The Latest And The Last

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

mewithoutYou - I Never Said That I Was Brave (Full Album)

This is mewithoutYou's first official release. It's currently out of print, and hard to find even on p2p networks, which is why I'm uploading the whole thing. If you're a fan of [A-->B]Life, you should probably download this. If you didn't particularly care for that album, my guess is you'll like this one even less. It's basically a more raw-sounding [A-->B]Life. The whole thing sounds less-produced than their full length, and Aaron's vocals (or screaming, rather, since there's not much singing on this one) are a little less developed than they are on their other two albums; however, they are easier to hear, which is a plus since I felt they were pushed too far back in the mix on [A-->B] and Catch For Us the Foxes. There's nothing drastically different between the versions of "I Never Said That I Was Brave" and "We Know Who Our Enemies Are" on here and the ones on [A-->B], but if you're anything like me, it's interesting to see how the songs evolved. "Flamethrower" is quite good, as is "Dying is Strange", especially if you're into mewithoutYou's more hardcore moments. "Four Word Letter" is indeed the sister songs to "Four Word Letter (Part 2)" on Foxes, and the two are probably best appreciated if listened back-to-back. I recently discovered that Aaron and his brother were in a band together before mwY called The Operation. I managed to find their out of print full-length on Amazon, so that should be arriving within the next few days. If it's any good (and really, why wouldn't it be), I'll order their EP and upload both of them. Till then, enjoy this!

(Click image to download)

1. I Never Said That I Was Brave
2. Flamethrower
3. Dying Is Strange And Hard
4. We Know Who Our Enemies Are
5. Four Word Letter

PS - This is what the alphabet would look like if you took out the letters "Q" and "R". Also, I'm a contributor over at now, so I may occasionally post things there that might not end up here.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Showbread - No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical

YAY! Ben has a music blog! For my first post, I decided to upload a few tracks by Showbread off their album No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical, which I thought was fitting since I stole the title from their song "The Dissonance of Discontent". It took me a while to get into Showbread, a lot of which I blame on some of the vocals. When I first heard the album, I think I was expecting spazcore in the vein of Norma Jean or Training For Utopia. What I got instead were elements of hardcore, math rock, a little spaz, and a ton of straightforward face-melting ROCK... with both clean vocals and high-pitched screaming. I liked the clean vocals, but the screaming seemed out of place at times. So did the keytar. Yes, I said keytar. However, the song about Evil Dead II ("Dead By Dawn") drew me back simply because of its subject matter, and after a few listens, what had formerly sounded disjointed and chaotic (in a bad way) started to make sense. From the weird electronic bounce of "Mouth Like A Magazine" to the "raw rock" (the band's term) power of "The Dissonance of Discontent" to the sad, yet somehow uplifting and entirely relatable "Matthias Replaces Judas", which I'm sure features Reese Roper from Five Iron Frenzy on vocals, Showbread manages to be diverse while still making a cohesive album. If you're into the likes of the Blood Brothers or labelmates He Is Legend, you may want to give Showbread a listen or three, since it may take time to sink in.

1. A Llama Eats A Giraffe (And Vice Versa)
2. Dead By Dawn
3. Mouth Like A Magazine
4. If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don't I'll Die
5. Sampsa Meets Kafka
6. So Selfish It's Funny
7. The Missing Wife
8. Welcome To Plainfield Tobe Hooper
9. And the Smokers And Children Shall Be Cast Down
10. Stabbing Art To Death
11. The Dissonance of Discontent
12. Matthias Replaces Judas
13. The Bell Jar

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