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Monday, March 17, 2008

Super Comedy Sunday, Part V: A New Beginning

I figure it's high time I revive Super Comedy Sunday. To celebrate its return, I thought I'd try something different and upload a few interviews with comedians in addition to regular comedy albums. If it goes over well, I might upload more interviews next time.

Bill Hicks - CapZeyeZ Interview

Brett Erickson - Exile on Pain Street

Brian Regan - Unmasked (Interview)

Dave Attell - Captain Miserable (Audio Rip)

David Cross - It's Not Funny

Greg Proops - Houston, We Have a Problem

Jen Kirkman - Self Help

Jim Norton - Monster Rain (Audio Rip)

Katt Williams - The Pimp Chronicles Part 1 (Audio Rip)

Louis CK - Live at the Comedy Death Ray 9/19/06

Michael Showalter - Sandwiches & Cats

Mike Birbiglia - My Secret Public Journal Live

Mitch Hedberg - Mitch All Together

Neil Hamburger - Hot February Night

Paul F. Tompkins - Impersonal


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