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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Super Comedy Sunday: Part II: The Sequel

Yes. Here is the second Super Comedy Sunday. 15 more comedy albums, plus one EP because I couldn't upload Lewis Black's "The White Album" without the companion "Revolver EP". Like last time, the only clean CD is Brian Regan's (Mike Birbiglia and Jim Gaffigan are probably clean too, but I forget - a few swears might sneak their way in). The rest is pretty vulgar, or at least has lots of swears.

Bill Hicks - Rant in E-Minor
Part One
Chapter One
1. Fevered Egos
2. Easter
3. Gideons
Chapter Two
4. People Suck
5. Pro Life
6. People Who Hate People
7. Non-Smokers
8. Gifts of Forgiveness
9. Purple Vein Dick Joke
Chapter Three
10. Confession Time (COPS)
11. Wax Dart
12. I'm Talking to the Women Here
Part Two
Chapter Four
13. You're Wrong Night
Chapter Five
14. A New Flag (Patriotism)
15. Gays in the Military
16. I.R.S. Bust
17. Politics in America
18. Quiet Loner
Chapter Six
19. Artistic Roll Call
20. Orange Drink
21. Save Willie
Chapter Seven
22. Deficit (Jesse Helms)
23. Rush Limbaugh
Part Three
Chapter Eight
24. Time to Evolve
Chapter Nine
25. Waco (Koresh)
26. The Pope
27. Christianity
28. Seven Seals
Chapter Ten
29. One of the Boys (Clinton)
30. Car Bomb Derby
31. The Elite
Chapter Eleven
32. Love List (No Future)
33. Back to the Garden
34. Your Children Aren't Special
35. Wizards Have Landed
36. Lift Me Lord

Brian Posehn - Live In: Nerd Rage!
1. Opening/I’m a good friend
2. Dork for thirty years
3. Married life- sorry fat dudes
4. Puppy time
5. Religion’s weird
6. Movie ruiners/ the unholy trilogy
7. Monkey birthday
8. Reunion
9. No dirty magazines
10. Show a little neck
11. Late night TV
12. The news
13. Quitting pot
14. Baby/kitty porn
15. War’s over/new boobs
16. Nerd rage/the mattress story
17. Yelling stuff
18. Metal by Numbers
19. Titannica interview
20. Try Again, Again

Brian Regan - I Walked On the Moon (audio rip)
1. Intro
2. Emergency Room
3. Visiting the Doctor
4. Food
5. UPS
6. Refrigerator
7. Phones and Codes
8. Airline Stuff
9. Inventions
10. Eye Doctor
11. Dinner Party
12. Outro

Doug Stanhope - Something to Take the Edge Off
1. Vice
2. Real Stories
3. Top Ten Laws
4. Quitter
5. Live Life
6. Suicide
7. Dead Sport/Behind the Comedy
8. $16 an Hour
9. Scared Straight
10. Don't Pull Your Dick Out
11. A Matter of Size
12. Big Rubber Fist
13. Pace Yourself
14. Destroying Your Body
15. Shake the Baby
16. Freak Shows
17. Offensive to Midgets
18. End the Hate
19. The Tit Fuck Joke in it's Entirety
20. Excess in Moderation
21. Bobbie Barnett

Gilbert Gottfried - Dirty Jokes
1. Intro
2. T.B. or V.D.
3. Alzheimer's
4. Tattoo
5. Genie
6. Prison
7. Sheep
8. Dad Catches Son
9. Second Time
10. Confession
11. What a Hole
12. Five Dicks
13. Bear & Rabbit
14. Bank Account
15. Aspirin
16. Greek Army
17. Dead Hooker
18. BJ Please
19. Armless & Legless
20. Three Salesmen
21. Drunk Puke
22. Two Old Jews
23. Suppository
24. Bear Hunter
25. No Tits
26. Where It Smells
27. Death or Oog-Goo
28. Hot Tub
29. Mother in Shower
30. Silent Farts
31. Wife's Car Crash
32. Stork
33. Genius
34. Polish Kid
35. Lottery
36. Both Arms
37. Eight Inches
38. Three Old Jews
39. Einstein's Cock
40. Dracula
41. Biggest Cunt
42. First BJ
43. Fag & Woman
44. French Toast
45. Aristocrats

Harland Williams - Crowd Control
1. You're Funny
2. Dog Tricks
3. Attack Mode
4. Tattooed
5. Hearing Problems
6. Bird Call
7. Tank Driving
8. Goatees & Witches

Henry Rollins - Talk is Cheap, Vol. 2 (Click disc numbers to download)
Disc 1
1. Spazz Mit Microphone
2. Happy Birthday
3. Early Retirement
4. It's Kiss! Pt. 1

Disc 2
1. It's Kiss! Pt. 2
2. Wisdom Of Gene & Paul, The
3. India

Jim Gaffigan - More Moo-Moos
1. An Interview With the Producer
2. I Am Nothing
3. Illegally Blind
4. Film Director
5. My Baby's Moma
6. Hey Good Looking
7. Intermission One
8. Speak English
9. Dumb Traveler
10. Learning to Walk
11. Baby's Grama
12. I'm a Bad Cuddler
13. Bed Time
14. I Love Spell Chek
15. Intermission Two
16. Calling From a Well
17. Yeah Right, Sea Cow
18. Crazy Jim Head
19. For the Next Joke
20. Intermission Three
21. I Love Doing Nothing
22. An Interview With a Manatee
23. Untitled

Jim Norton - Yellow Discipline
1. Vinny's awful intro
2. New Joisey
3. Fargo & a droopy lip
4. kill yourself in Seattle
5. Bed, Bath & Beyond
6. Boca Raton and shaky people
7. Michael J Fox is an alcoholic
8. Aspen sure is expensive
9. Sex & racism
10. Michael Jackson is the Artist of the Millennium
11. a Brittney log
12. Liz Taylor's hairy hat
13. good ole' Martha
14. wacky bumper stickers
15. the elephant on Southwest
16. making a gal laugh
17. adorable observations about the mentally challenged
18. actors and my awful head
19. a single, impotent, meaty breasted failure
20. profiling and the shoe bombing monkey
21. I wish I were gay
22. sensitive nipples
23. loving a chubby dumper
24. meaty lips
25. squeamish girls stink
26. pornography
27. oral treats
28. Vinny's awful outro
29. Jim Norton talking doll
30. Jim Norton's motivational tapes

Lewis Black - The White Album
1. Wisconsin
2. The Fall, Hurricanes and Weathermen
3. The Ozone, Sunblock, The Flu and NYQUIL
4. Miami and Las Vegas
5. F**k, New York, Los Angeles
6. TV Pilot
7. IHOP (The International House of Pancakes)
8. Heavens Gate
9. Bill Clinton and Oral Sex
10. The Impeachment
11. Education in Arkansas
12. Other Idiots from Arkansas

Lewis Black - Revolver EP
1. Wisconsin (Unedited)
2. Outtakes
3. Leave a Tip

Mike Birbiglia - My Secret Public Journal, Vol. 1A
1. Introduction to the World of Secrets
2. Bed and Breakfast / Unitarian Church
3. The Bahamas is a Really Tame Strip Club
4. The Bahamas Part 2: Dueling Joe Bags
5. Nation State-a-Hatin'
6. Falling In Love With Someone Who Isn't
7. In Memory of Mitch Hedberg
8. Wild Life Gone Wild
9. Tangled Up In Blue, or Whatever
10. A Shout Out to My Boy, Pizza
11. Damnit, I'm Homeless
12. Asking For Directions
13. Stereotypes Are Always True Sometimes
14. Advice For College Freshmen
15. The Charity Golf Disaster
16. A Secret Public Year In Review
17. Secret Track: Guitar Guy at the Party

Mitch Hedberg - Strategic Grill Locations
1. The CD Jokes
2. Koalas
3. Highlights
4. You Were Good
5. Shaving Toe
6. Minibar
7. Beret and Pancakes
8. The Velcro Wallet
9. Dry Clean Only
10. Gambling
11. My Necklace
12. Acting
13. Lynn
14. Tomatoes
15. Six People Isn't Convincing
16. Cookies
17. Oatmeal
18. Smackie the Frog
19. Frogs and Bears
20. Fire Exit
21. The Dufrenes

Stephen Lynch - Superhero
1. Talk to Me
2. Dr. Stephen
3. Priest
4. Country Love Song
5. Superhero
6. What If That Guy from Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?
7. Mothers Day
8. Taxi Driver
9. For the Ladies
10. Grandfather
11. Bowling Song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God)
12. She Gotta Smile
13. Best Friends Song
14. D and D
15. Down to the Old Pub Instead

Todd Barry - Medium Energy
1. Intro
2. ATM
3. Autoerotic
4. Movie in Neighborhood
5. Florida
6. Air Conditioning
7. Big Bookstores
8. K Mart in New York
9. Body Shop
10. Answering Machine
11. Food or Music?
12. Buy Parents House
13. Sperm Bank Babies
14. Real World
15. MTV Diary
16. Behind the Music
17. Grammy Awards
18. Band with Orchestra
19. Boxed Sets
20. Behind Stage
21. Fugazi
22. Bands Reuniting
23. Cosmo
24. Wok
25. House Cut
26. Fruit
27. Possible Heckle
28. Slop CD
29. Check with Meal
30. Thanksgiving Dinner
31. Stealing Backpack
32. Tattooed Women
33. Neck Tatoo
34. In a Band?
35. Prison=Hotels
36. Couples Who Agree
37. Coffee Maker
38. Class Act
39. Offer to Crowd
40. Too Many Diet Pepsis
41. Coke vs. Pepsi
42. Prostitution
43. Condom
44. 3 Pack
45. Larry King
46. Lady in Audience with Cap
47. Party Invitation
48. Lavender Shirt
49. Fastest Hj's
50. Temp
51. Gym Renewal
52. Crazy Mixed Tape
53. Hit on Staff
54. Movie at Motel
55. Austin Complaint

The Unbookables - Morbid Obscenity
1. Banjo Randy
2. Doug Stanhope Intro
3. Andy Andrist 1
4. Andy Andrist 2
5. Andy Andrist 3
6. Doug and the Condo Rules
7. Lynn Shawcroft
8. Doug and the Surveilance Nation
9. Sean Rouse 1
10. Sean Rouse 2
11. Sean Rouse 3
12. Doug Introduces Mr. Hinty
13. Mr. Arthur Hinty
14. Doug Stanhope 1
15. Doug Stanhope 2
16. Doug Stanhope 3
17. Doug Stanhope 4
18. Doug Stanhope 5


¡Apeshit! - ¡Apeshit!

What a terrific band name, eh? ¡Apeshit! hails from the Brooklyn area, I believe. Not much is known about them, personally, since they are not even signed to anyone nor have they released an official album. But, I do have a "demo" that is fully mastered complete with artwork and song titles. I've got a number of these crazy CDs, of bands who aren't signed but somehow I've purchased their albums. Anyway, ¡Apeshit! is some sort fo crazy spazcore band. Most songs are under a minute, and all of them have ridiculous titles. Another website was saying they were screamo, but I think spazcore sounds more correct. With all that being said, I present ¡Apeshit!'s debut album (demo), ¡Apeshit!.

¡Apeshit! - ¡Apeshit!
1. Spleen Cuisine
2. How Now Brown Cow?
3. Thermos
4. Psychedelic Mushrooms Take Hold
5. D-4 Daggers In The Air
6. Days Of Olde
7. Touch Me Gently
8. All Night Garage Sale
9. Scabs & Scars
10. Cardboard Coffins
11. Thrash Bash Monster Mash
12. Cheeseburger In Paradise
13. Your Chewbacca Boots Are Making Me Thirsty


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters

It's always sad to see great bands dissolve after releasing one or just a few albums. Such is the case with Ved Buens Ende, a Norwegian metal band who incorporated a large variety of musical styles into their own unique avant-garde style. This is the only full length album they released. Upon listening to it, you will hear jazz, acoustic interludes, black metal, and doom metal influences throughout. For fans of avant-garde music or bands who don't know their own genre, Notes Are Shattered brings you Ved Buens Ende's Written in Waters.

Part One
Part Two
Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters
1. "I Sang for the Swans" – 7:01
2. "You, That May Wither" – 4:54
3. "It's Magic" – 5:25
4. "Den Saakaldte" ("The So-called") – 8:49
5. "Carrier of Wounds" – 7:40
6. "Coiled in Wings" – 7:04
7. "Autumn Leaves" – 5:07
8. "Remembrance of Things Past" – 8:54
9. "To Swarm Deserted Away" – 2:14
Part One
Part Two

Mediafire only allows uploads up to 100MB, so from here on out, all albums greater than 100MB will be broken into multiple parts. You'll need each part to unzip the whole album, I believe, so remember to pick up all the parts of a split album.


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Friday, June 08, 2007

Jim Gaffigan - Economics II

Ben posted a whole slew of comedy albums a little while back, and I noticed one of the gentlemen was Jim Gaffigan. I remembered I had one of his nifty out of print albums. So, without further adieu, I bring you the funny, now out of print album Economics II, by Jim Gaffigan. Laugh and enjoy.

Jim Gaffigan - Economics II
1. Ethnic / Being Pale
2. Glasses / Vision
3. Sleep
4. Family / Dad
5. Indiana
6. Birthday / Jesus
7. Postcard
8. TV
9. Lazy
10. Technology / Umbrella
11. 1700's / Museum
12. Beauty
13. Reading in Church
14. Roscoe "The Wood Guy"
15. Coach Glacken / Heckler

Also, this is the first post using a new file hosting service. Let us know what you think of it. They say you can download unlimited amounts both in terms of total data downloaded as well as simultaneous downloads. Please give us feedback on the hosting and the album! :D


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sigur Rós Music + Video FTP

Sigur Rós has a couple FTP servers with a lot of their hard-to-find releases, a lot of unreleased material, live bootlegs, and a bunch of various videos (music videos, interviews, live videos, a couple movies they've soundtracked). Click the link below for information and the links to the FTP servers. Note that the main music FTP server seems to be full a lot, so try the mirror if the main one doesn't work. Also, both music FTP servers contain all the videos that the video server has. Finally, if you're having trouble accessing the site through an FTP client, you might just try Firefox. The music mirror and the video server both worked fine for me when I put the URL into Firefox.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

White Lightning Mixtape + News

First things first: I was playing around with my statcounter today and found two music blogs that linked to me without asking for me to link back. I really appreciate the support, so I'm going to plug those blogs in this post. To the people who made soundweave and Music for the Rest of Us, my hat is off. If anyone finds out how to download the music from Music for the Rest of Us, let me know. For the life of me, I can't figure it out.

My friend from California (Christopher, the guy who almost got a music blog of his own going) was up here in Minnesota for the last nine days, and we talked about combining forces to make this blog even cooler. We may switch to Rapidshare. Leave your thoughts on that in the comments. I value your opinion.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I spent the week and a half before Christopher came out downloading a 44 GB Loveline torrent because the Loveline Archive is no longer around.

Finally, music. This is one mix in a series of mixes Christopher and I made for each other. We each chose two themes for a mix, and then went in whatever direction the theme took us. This was one of my themes. I'd been wanting to make a mix of super fuzzy, lo-fi, stoner/sludge/doom rock (but nothing too heavy - that is for another mix) and figured that the best way to get it done would be to make it for someone else. Titling the mix after a street name for LSD sounded like a good idea.

White Lightning:
1. Feel Good Hit of the Summer - Queens of the Stone Age
2. Earth - Colour Haze
3. Afterburner - Boris
4. Poppy Man - John Frusciante
5. Stop, I'm Already Dead - Deadboy and the Elephantmen
6. Woman (EP Version) - Wolfmother
7. Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel
8. Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer
9. Seer - Witch
10. Subcutaneous Phat - Desert Sessions
11. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
12. Young Men Dead - The Black Angels
13. Doomsower - Reverend Bizarre
14. Evil Machinery On the Rise - Toner Low
15. My Tortured Soul f. Eric Wagner - Probot

Click to download.

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