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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Throwing in the towel

I quit. Our Mediafire account got deleted. We lost everything we ever uploaded there. To everyone who commented, downloaded, and supported us, thank you so much. It means more to me than you know. I'm glad we were able to bring you music and comedy over the last year and a half, and I wish you luck in finding new sources of music online. The links over to the left are good places to start. It's been fun. I really enjoyed watching this thing get more and more hits. I'm sorry to do this, but it's so frustrating when all I'm trying to do is spread the word about music that I love and assholes have to come in and mess everything up. I'll miss this. Once again, thanks to anyone who supported us. And to anyone who reported any of our shit:

Fuck off.

With Love,

~Keep pirating~

PS: A note to anyone who was a member of Oink, or would like to help support the founder of it - a website has been set up where you can donate to cover legal fees. This is 100% legit. Click here if you're interested.


  • At Sunday, November 11, 2007 3:54:00 AM , Blogger befuddled bigdaddy said...

    Another sad day, indeed. I can really understand your frustration. Good comedy blogs are hard to come by, and this was one of them. I found many gems from your blog and want to thank you for the time you put into it. It seems you need to be a private site to function now - but i always find it incredibly hard to initially find out about a good ones. Oh well.

    - Knock, Knock.
    - Who's there?
    - No one.

  • At Sunday, November 11, 2007 9:50:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Please start a new account and continue to upload comedy albums!

  • At Sunday, November 11, 2007 12:37:00 PM , Anonymous The Merc said...

    Sad to hear this. It's tough to find comedy albums in stores around me, let alone places to sample some to see if I like them. This place turned me on to quite a few comedians I wouldn't have had the chance to listen to otherwise. Thanks for all your efforts.

    I hate to do this, but as a big Patton Oswalt fan I was looking forward to hearing the Bottletree bootleg from the last Super Comedy Sunday and I was only able to get the first piece of the rar (which won't open without the second). Did anyone here manage to get the second part of that Bottletree bootleg downloaded? Or does anyone know another source for it?

  • At Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:31:00 PM , Anonymous Tim said...

    That sux man, this was one of the only blogs I came across that had great comedy albums on it. It'd be a pitty for this to close down completely

  • At Wednesday, November 14, 2007 7:28:00 PM , Anonymous the stoke said...

    All great htings must end but I am utterly grateful for your generosity and dedication to exposing comedians and musicians. I have enjoyed almost every comedy album you have posted and I will continue to be entertained by them in the future. I wish I could return the favor that you did for all of us. However, I'm a lousy freeloader so I doubt I can repay the favor.

  • At Friday, November 16, 2007 4:09:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    it's all gonna be okay, guys!


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